VIDEO: Joss Whedon + Dollhouse Surprise Factor

by admin on July 24, 2008 · 1 comment

You would think that gaining ‘self-awareness’ was a ‘good’ thing for someone who’s undergone many a mind-wiping procedure. However, exploring the perils of self-awareness could be just one of the many ways in which Joss Whedon aims to surprise fans of Dollhouse. Because Dollhouse begins with Echo already in an ‘imprinted state’, the struggle to re-gain consciousness may only be interesting up to a point..but throw in Echo’s eventual realisation that self-awareness is also fraught with dangers, then we have an even more delicious conflict.

When it comes to Dollhouse, one thing seems certain – Joss Whedon aims to shake things up…

Go on Joss, surprise us!


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