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Wow, first post, and one of what I hope will be many!

So, you’re here for Dollhouse, right? Well, let’s get this thing started!

First, for an overview of the show see here. Yeah, I know, this show sounds awesome. The Interweb is a-buzz with people open-jawed at just how good a show this could be. Jace at the Televisionary Blog is one such drooler, he offers a bit more backdrop to the show and how it got started:

Dushku will star as Echo, a member of an elite team of secret agents each of whom, according to James Hibberd at TV Week, has “the ability to be imprinted with custom personalities and abilities for special assignments. When they return, their newly acquired memories are wiped. The show follows Echo as she takes on a variety of assignments—some romantic, some adventurous, some uplifting, some illegal—and gains awareness of her role and confinement.”

The idea for the series was hatched by Whedon at a lunch with Dushku, who was allegedly instrumental in bringing Whedon back to network television. The series concept was sold to FOX a week later.

“Beyond Dushku’s character, the show will also revolve around the people who run the mysterious “dollhouse” [the lab] and two other “dolls,” a man and woman who are friendly with Echo. Then there’s the federal agent who has heard an urban myth about the dolls, and is trying to investigate their existence.

Whedon admitted there’s a little dose of The Matrix in the plot — “I do have that entire movie tattooed on my brain” — and said Dollhousewill enable him and Dushku to explore some political and social issues.”

Dare I say that this show ‘could’ be the show that David Eick’s Bionic Woman SHOULD have been!? Themes such as ‘re-awakening’, self awareness, social and political choices, empowerment, to name a few. These are all themes which Bionic Woman promised, but ultimately failed to deliver in a convincing – or entertaining manner.

I have high hopes for Dollhouse– in fact I haven’t been this excited about a TV since LOST and then Bionic Woman. Two out of three (quality shows) is possible, right?

More soon!

S. Huber February 13, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Just finished watching Dollhouse.
This is my review:
“More 14 year old prime time dribble.”

Sorry Joss, I loved Serenity and Firefly.

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