What I Love About Dollhouse Buzz

by admin on July 15, 2008

Dollhouse BuzzMaybe it’s just me, in fact it probably is, but one thing I love about all of this Dollhouse buzz, is seeing all of the different and imaginative ways in which people come up with to describe Joss Whedon’s next big TV outing. Many are wide of the mark, such as one description from a few months ago which suggested Dollhouse was about clones! Don’t people ever read the blogs? Anyway, another description which I was about to place in the same category was this one from the Vancouver Sun, which suggests that Dollhouse is about a group of young people “raised in a laboratory”. A laboratory!? Does this look like a laboratory to you?

But then perhaps that description isn’t so far wide of the mark? After all, the Dollhouse (or what we know of it), is kind of like a modern-day laboratory where the “actives” not only ‘live’, but are mind-wiped, monitored and experimented on. So yeah, that’s a pretty neat way of looking at things, Vancouver Sun.

One wonders how many ways Joss Whedon can challenge our perceptions with Dollhouse? Human trafficking? Pah! It’s the government dabbling in unregulated science!

In other news, read the same Vancouver Sun article for opinion on how FOX are taking chances with Dollhouse (and Fringe). That’s strange, I thought Joss Whedon was the one taking a chance with FOX!?

Meanwhile Whedonesque report on TV Guide’s snippet from FOX President Kevin Reilly, who says regarding Whedon:

“I thought, No way is that guy coming back.”  (after FOX cancelled Firefly)

Like I said above, Joss Whedon is the one taking a chance on FOX..not the other way around 😉

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