Whedon: “Dollhouse Is A Real World Piece”

by admin on July 21, 2008

Joss WhedonEarlier today Joss Whedon took part in a ‘fan-chat’ session with the Washington Post. Unfortunately “Dollhouse” probing was thin on the ground but Joss did have this to say about his upcoming show:

When asked about the amount of humour and drama Dollhouse will have compared to “Buffy” or “Firefly”, he revealed:

“Less overt humor — “Dollhouse” is more a real-world piece. But asking me not to make jokes is like asking Monet to lose the lilypads. We’ve all got our tics.”

To be honest, I want Dollhouse to be ‘dark’and fairly serious, but I’m glad he’ll look to strike a balance.

Source: Washington Post. Thanks: TruEcho & Whedonesque.

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