Whedon Interview: ‘Echo is Searching for the Concept of Identity’

by admin on February 7, 2009

Joss Whedon talks to the New York Times about his upcoming show, “Dollhouse”. Some spoilers follow.

Q. Tell us about Echo. She’s going to start remembering, and then what happens?

A. Oh, all heck breaks loose. The arc of the show is really her not remembering so much as becoming self-aware, knowing things in a more complex way than she should, knowing that she exists and eventually knowing that she used to be different than she is now. We as an audience are searching for her identity, but she is more searching for the concept of identity, at first.

Q. What personalities is Echo going to take on?

A. She’s going to be a rich older woman who has died, she’s going to be a blind cult member, she’s going to be a dominatrix, she’s going to be a backup singer for a pop star, she’s going to be a safecracker, she’s going to be a somebody’s wife. She’s going to be, you know, whatever’s next.

Q. The show has been moved into a tough time slot. How do you feel about that?

A. It’s a tough time slot if your expectations are to take over the world. If your expectations are to hold your own in a tough time slot, then it’s not a tough time slot. Knowing that genre shows have a life outside of their airing and that so many people are watching TV at a different time than it airs anyway, it’s certainly not the same as it used to be.

Q. What was your thinking behind “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”?

A. Twofold. On one hand I wanted to set an example of the creative community making something without any help from studios of any kind and actually getting it out to the public and making a profit on it. And the other half was my feeling that there are not nearly enough supervillain musicals.

Q. I guess not. Will “Dollhouse,” like “Buffy,” have a musical episode?

A. Not in the same sense, though Echo does play backup singer at one point. “Buffy” lent itself to that kind of thing in a way that my other shows don’t. I would say that “Dollhouse” is a little more grown-up. But don’t worry. I’ll never completely grow up.

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