Whedon Thinks ‘Save Our Show’ Campaigns ‘Cheapen’ Dollhouse

by admin on July 13, 2008 · 3 comments

Joss Whedon on Early Dollhouse CampaignsJoss Whedon has been talking to Gawker about Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and he also had something interesting to say about the Dollhouse ‘save our show’ campaigns that hit the community a couple of months ago:

Q. Some fans have already launched a campaign to save Dollhouse from fickle network programmers who cancel everything that doesn’t have enough fart jokes. Other fans see these organizers as casting a desperate light on Dollhouse since it hasn’t even aired yet. Do you have a stand?

A. I love the effort, but do think it tends to put us in the cheap seats.

Now I know it’s not exactly difficult to agree with Joss Whedon, but I agree with joss Whedon. Whilst these campaigns are good in theory, in actual fact they probably do more damage than good for the show – mostly because it hasn’t even started yet! None of us know whether we’ll even like the show, so how can we save something that we haven’t yet seen? Hype it, promote it and create a positive buzz, if like me, you believe in the premise and get excited by the concept, but there’s no way we can ‘save’ something that doesn’t yet (and may never) need saving.

I’m not having a go at those who started the campaign, I’m simply giving my view which is the same view I had a couple of months ago. If Dollhouse sucks, we should say that it sucks (and demand better ;)) and not pre-save it just because it’s Joss Whedon’s creation.

I should add (if it really needs stating) that I, like most fans of the DH concept, fully support Dollhouse, but in the right way..no, in the only way. I also love the premise of the show and the places Joss and the team could take it. I just worry that these jump the gun ‘save our show’ campaigns will create a misleading impression of a show that is in dire straights before it has even started. The image of a show is so important at this stage, to ‘cheapen’ it now could actually harm early ratings and then we’d really give FOX something to think about. Please, let’s not go there.

Ah well, everyone has an opinion..whats yours?

Thanks to Wiesengrund at Dollhouse Germany for catching the Joss Whedon interview quoted above.

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