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by admin on August 3, 2008 · 1 comment

Whedon to make 13 Dollhouse WebsidesAs many of us know by now, Joss Whedon will be creating 13 Dollhouse webisodes.

So what exactly IS a ‘Webisode‘? Well, a ‘web-episode’ is content (usually in the form of a mini-episode) that is made specifically for the Internet.

Many LOST fans will recall something similar – 13 ‘Mobisodes‘ (web-episodes made for Verizon mobile phones, which were also streamed on ABC’s website a few days later) were shown during the season 3 hiatus. This basically enabled rabid fans (lime moi) to remain immersed in the Lost-verse whilst the show was off the air. From personal experience, I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were not only entertaining but genuinely added to my interpretation of the shows various plot threads and story arcs.

So when it comes to the Dollhouse ‘Webisodes’, I hope for a similar experience. There are many angles Whedon could take with these web-episodes, and to get a general gist of what a Dollhouse webisode might be like, take a look at two of my favourite LOST ‘mobisodes’. Obviously these contain LOST spoilers:

LOST: ‘Missing Pieces’ – “King of the Castle”

LOST: ‘Missing Pieces’ – “Room 23”

You’ll probably have to be a LOST fan to really find any value in these, but speaking as a LOST fan and a fan of the Dollhouse premise, if Joss Whedon comes up with something on this level, I’d be more than happy.

I should also add that in many ways Joss Whedon has already produced a ‘webisode’ of-sorts. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is the most recent example of him utilising online applications to bring his content to the world.

So however Whedon goes about producing these ‘web-episodes’, I’m very much looking forward to them and hope he has a bit of fun with them too. A Dollhouse musical webisode, perhaps?

Also, in light of the current climate, there is plenty of monetary potential when it comes to Webisodes. The writers, actors and the network can all get their fair share, if the right approach is taken. But Whedon’s a smart man, he’s knows this.

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