Which Lipstick Looks Best on Eliza Dushku?

by admin on July 17, 2008

 Because these are the important questions being asked by bellasugar.com.

Wait! There’s a Dollhouse tie-in somewhere! You see, I would imagine that Dushku’s “Echo”will be portrayed with many different ‘traits’ depending upon which persona she’s been programmed to have for a particular assignment. Lipstick, in this instance, is just an example of how the “Actives”, and ‘Echo’ in particular, might consciously or unconsciously use ‘colour’ (or other symbolism) to depict how they feel..or how they ‘want’ to feel.

Take a look at some of the Dollhouse set photos, which show very calming and almost ‘neutral’ earth tones. Is this to subconsciously ‘tame’ the actives and rid them of their identities?

Eliza montage by Bellasugar

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