Will The Actives Retain Residual Imprints?

by admin on November 25, 2008

The above promotional photo illustrates that Echo’s mind-wiping chair comes equipped with hand, neck and head ‘pads’, which light up an ice blue color during the mind-wiping process (inset).

I thought she got her mind wiped, not a manicure and massage? In all seriousness though, these pads are probably part of the muscle memory erasing process.

Which raises another point. We know that the show will explore Echo’s struggle to remember her own pre-Dollhouse past, but I also think it would be clever if she also retained some of the subsequent personalities and skills (muscle memory) she’s since been imprinted with. With that in mind, the show could focus on ‘Who Have I Been?’ as well as ‘Who Am I?’. I’d find it interesting to discover whether any particular traits from previous imprints begin to surface. Perhaps there will be a collection of traits that begin to recur, leaving us to wonder why particular imprinted personalities are retained over others? Is it about memory and repetition, or a conscious choice and the desire to act in a certain way?

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